When building a new home or extending an existing one, a professional city surveyor will ensure that your property lines are accurate and legal. A qualified surveyor will know how to adjust your property lines to meet current standards and regulations.


Having a survey done by a professional is essential if you plan to build a house. A professional surveyor measures the exterior and interior of the structure and then creates a 3D rendering of the home.


Surveying costs vary widely, depending on the terrain and size of the property. A flat and smooth pasture-like lot will cost less to survey than a mountainous property. The more complex the terrain, the higher the cost. The cost of a survey can also be affected by the time of year. Surveys performed during colder months will take longer to complete.

The quality of the title information

Surveying costs can also vary depending on the quality of the title information. Having a good understanding of your property history will help you to save hundreds of dollars. Obtaining documents about your property is easy.


Some surveyors charge an hourly rate, while others charge a flat fee for the entire job. It means that the cost per hour is higher if you have a large lot or a complicated survey.

Property line adjustments

When you are planning to build a new house or just wish to move the property line of your house to a better location, you may want to consider hiring a professional city surveyor. A land surveyor in Adelaide can help you determine where the boundary of your property lies and can also help you to update your plat map.

Save you time and money

Before completing a property line adjustment, you should obtain all relevant information about the property and share that information with your surveyor. The information you provide may save you time and money in the surveying process.


To record a property line adjustment, you can submit a survey and a legal description of each lot. You may also need to obtain approval from the local building department. You may need to appear before the town planning commission or governing board.


In addition, you will need to provide recorded deeds. The legal description should be prepared by a registered land surveyor or civil engineer.

The building or extending a fence, driveway, pool, or outbuilding

When you are building a fence or remodelling your kitchen, it pays to be safe. A professional city surveyor can verify your measurements, advise you on what materials to use, and provide a checklist of must-dos. A license is mandatory if you plan to perform any work that requires a permit.


Using the appropriate materials is key to a quality job, and the right tools can make all the difference in the world. Getting a professional to measure, mark and confirm your measurements and take the time to provide you with a checklist of must-dos will save you from a sloppy job. Similarly, you don’t want to waste time and money repairing a fence that’s not up to par. To keep your project on track, ensure to schedule an inspection with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

References and reviews

Getting references and reviews from prospective city surveyors is an important step in the hiring process. References are essential because they can provide unbiased opinions on a candidate’s skills and qualifications. They will be reluctant to speak on behalf of the candidate if a reference believes that the candidate is not qualified for the position.


In addition to references, you should also check the Internet for information on prospective city surveyors. State land surveyor associations may be able to provide references and reviews. These associations may also have a searchable directory to help you find land surveyors in your area.


The responsibilities of a land surveyor include determining the property lines and measuring the property. They should have a thorough knowledge of the various land surveyor techniques. Surveys also include the location of buildings and improvements. These surveys can be based on expert testimony or mathematical computations.