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Digging for deals in the winter real estate market

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The four-bedroom house at 10164 Manor Drive, in the Fairfield Island area of Chilliwack, was listed for $899,000 but sold for $865,000 in just 12 days on Dec.

If you’re looking for a deal on real estate in a sluggish market there’s a lot of data to crunch. We’ve taken a look across the country at the places where there are deals to be had according to home price data from the Canadian Real Estate Association.

Many, though not all, real estate markets in the country have seen modest price drops in the latter half of 2023, but in some areas, there’s been significant declines from recent all-time highs. “Bargain” hunters should be aware though that in almost every case prices are still up – mostly by double digits – from what was available just three years ago.

British Columbia

Starting in the

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