Real Estate

City of Charlottetown renews push to see housing developed on Queens Wharf

There are renewed calls to develop a prime piece of real estate on Charlottetown’s waterfront into more housing. 

Queens Wharf, located at the bottom of Queen Street across from the Prince Edward Island Convention Centre, was decommissioned by the Canadian Coast Guard eight years ago. 

The P.E.I. government then took ownership of the wharf with plans to redevelop it. 

But the three-acre site is still being used as a leased parking lot operated by the Charlottetown Area Development Corporation (CADC), while the province is using the former Coast Guard building as storage space.

Charlottetown Mayor Philip Brown is now calling on the development corporation — which has members appointed by the province, the capital city and the neighbouring towns of Stratford and Cornwall — to take another look at the site.

“CADC or an NGO [non-governmental organization] or a private developer could look at more market and non-market housing that

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