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‘Too many weekend warriors.’ How a flood of real estate agents are hurting homebuyers

Do too many agents spoil the real estate pot? The Consumer Federation of America thinks so.

Roughly 1 million agents and brokers compete for the country’s 5 million to 6 million annual house sales, resulting in high commission rates and poor service, according to a recent report from the consumer group.

”A large majority of practicing real estate agents have recently received their license or work part-time,” says CFA Senior Fellow Stephen Brobeck. “These agents usually charge the same commission rates as experienced, full-time agents, yet in general offer worse service and deprive experienced agents of needed clients.”

Brobeck has produced a number of reports challenging the status quo of the brokerage business. Among other things, he has taken on referral fees, dual agents (who unfairly try to represent both buyer and seller in the same transaction) and the “uncoupling” of commissions (allowing buyers to negotiate their own fees).


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Real Estate

Weekend Reading - Stocks or Real Estate for Returns?

Weekend Reading – Stocks or Real Estate for Returns?

Hey Everyone, 

Welcome to a new Weekend Reading edition, comparing some high-level stock and real estate returns. 

As always, a few thoughts on that theme to come but some reminders about recent content on my site:

This post remains very popular: watch out for RRSP and RRIF taxation!

I breakdown Lean FIRE, Barista FIRE and wonder if 99% of the population could ever achieve Fat FIRE in this post.

Weekend Reading – is Fat FIRE realistic?

Good, bad or indifferent, I like sharing some portfolio updates with readers and so I took a look back at the reasons to own BlackRock stock in my DIY stock portfolio.

Some interesting comments on my decision!

Then and Now – BlackRock

Weekend Reading – Stocks or Real Estate for Returns?

As always, the answer to whether stocks or bonds or real estate or other

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River House Condos hit by gunfire over weekend

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — River House Condos, the glass high-rise that is one of the defining features of Grand Rapids’ skyline, was hit by gunfire over the weekend, police have confirmed.

Shots hit the building on Bridge Street NW near Scribner Avenue around 2:30 a.m. Sunday, the Grand Rapids Police Department confirmed Tuesday. Glass was broken but no one was hurt.

Police got reports of two units being hit. On Monday, News 8 saw three windows were boarded up.

River House was also hit with gunfire in September 2021. In that case, five windows on five floors were hit. No one was injured then, either.


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