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US lenders warned that commercial property is ‘next shoe to drop’

Fund managers are warning of growing problems in the $5.6tn US commercial real estate industry that could prove painful for lenders already shaken by turmoil in the banking sector.

Rising interest rates, falling prices and waning demand for office space following the pandemic had strained the commercial property market. But these troubles intensified after this year’s failures of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic raised worries about other regional banks that account for the bulk of commercial real estate loans.

“The private market hasn’t started to heavily mark down real estate,” Apollo Global Management co-president Scott Kleinman told the Financial Times.

“The equity will be first. That’s the next shoe to drop in the US. Like everything else, it has been priced so tightly and there hasn’t been a commercial real estate crisis in the US since the ‘90s.”

Guggenheim Partners chief investment officer Anne Walsh said the

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