Could this condo be more awesome? Friends-themed apartment in Victoria for sale

Oh. My. God. 

One of New York City’s most famous apartments is for sale in B.C.’s capital.

The condo is styled to resemble that of the purple apartment in the 90s phenomenon Friends, a setting that’s remained iconic and recognizable even decades after the series aired. 

Though not the same layout as Monica Geller’s apartment, the home certainly gives off similar vibes: the French poster is there, as are the teal cabinets, black and white bathroom tiles, and a replica of Phoebe Buffay’s work of art, Gladys. 

Can you spot all the references to Phoebe Buffay, a.ka. Regina Phalange, a.ka. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock? (Adam van der Zwan/CBC)

The staircase is tight, so if you’re moving a couch upstairs, you may be forced to pivot.

A loft above the main living area features some of the items from Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing’s apartment, including Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin

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