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Metro Vancouver real estate: North Shore's priciest houses

Expansive cellars and infinity pools are still on the checklists of the uber-rich. Prime waterfront views continue to define luxury real estate in North and West Vancouver.

Big views. Big properties. Expansive wine cellars, architectural cred and infinity pools dripping down to the waterfront.

Those are just some of the sought-after boxes to be checked among the North Shore’s most luxurious mansions.

This year, 100 of the top 500 assessments in the province are on the North Shore, and over half of them on the waterfront in West Vancouver.

Fifteen of the top 100 assessed properties are in West Vancouver this year, with neighbourhoods like Bellevue Avenue’s “Golden Mile”, Erwin Drive and Radcliffe Avenue, sharing space on the list with homes in Vancouver’s Point Grey Road and Belmont Avenue.

The West Vancouver neighbourhoods of the uber-rich are home to tech entrepreneurs, investment fund managers and people like mining and entertainment

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Real estate brothers take Vancouver by storm with award-winning podcast and thriving business

Matt and Adam Scalena’s niche podcast connects with 40,000 monthly listeners and boosts real estate success

Business partners and team leaders that happen to be brothers, Matt and Adam Scalena have had successful careers in real estate for years but have an interesting service that most certainly sets them apart.

“What is unique about our situation is that we have been building our real estate team for more than a decade, but in 2016 we started our Vancouver Real Estate Podcast that we host weekly,” says Matt.

The brothers share an interest in city planning and zoning, “and the culture that makes Vancouver tick. Our backgrounds have helped develop our podcast, where we bring on people every week to talk about all things real estate.”

The Scalena’s goal is to position themselves as real estate professionals, “with a deep understanding of the market that gives us a competitive advantage with

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Vancouver rentals: 80% of condos offer 1 parking spot

80 per cent of condos in Vancouver offer one parking spot, new data shows.

Vancouver is known as being one of the most expensive cities in Canada when it comes to rentals, and with that growing focus comes increasing attention to the amenities on offer. 

The city is ranked as the top city in the nation for rental parking, according to a new real estate trends report by Kijiji. 

Vancouver has the most rental condos with two or more parking spots available, at 12 per cent. It is followed by Calgary and Edmonton, making Western Canada the leader for this amenity. 

Exactly 80 per cent of condos in Vancouver offer one parking spot. The highest rate of rentals with one spot available is Calgary at 83 per cent. 

As the city places more emphasis on the construction of purpose-built rentals, there is a growing focus on the amenities offered to

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Vancouver condo boasts enviable views and spacious rooftop terrace

The nine-year-old Modern building is the venue for this stylish penthouse

Article content

Weekly roundup of three properties that recently sold in Metro Vancouver. 

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Vancouver real estate: Prices drop, affordability elusive

The price of the average home in Vancouver has fallen by more than $100,000 over the last year, but thanks to soaring interest rates, the amount of money needed to afford such a home has risen, according to

In a new study, the online mortgage brokerage and interest rate comparison website calculated the minimum annual income required to buy an average home in cities across Canada in March, and compared that data to the same calculation for March 2022.

“While home prices are down significantly in the majority of the cities we looked at, the income required to purchase a home still remains inflated due to higher mortgage and stress test rates,” said James Laird, the company’s co-CEO, in a news release Monday.

This dynamic is most extreme in Vancouver, where real estate prices have long been disconnected from local wages.

According to, the average home price in

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