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Grant Cardone Unveils Real Estate Alchemy: Turning Fear Into Fortune

Real estate mogul Grant Cardone believes successful people use fear as motivation.

“When you push past your comfort zone you are forcing your brain to create new pathways,” Cardone wrote in a LinkedIn post in August. “When you start taking new actions at new levels, you will experience fear. Nothing about that is comfortable.”

Fear and greed are the two emotions believed to drive markets, whether it’s stocks, housing or commercial real estate, and a recent survey by John Burns Research & Consulting captures the sentiment of industry insiders in the multifamily, industrial retail and office sectors.

The Fear and Greed Survey, a collaboration between Burns and CRE Daily, found that commercial real estate investors are still more greedy than fearful, although many have hit pause.

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The survey found that 28% of commercial real estate investors are increasing their exposure now while 23% are decreasing it. Nearly half

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