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‘A skeleton in the tub, a Chucky doll in the corner’: haunted house hits Texas real-estate market | Texas

Searching for a quaint home that’s off the beaten path, where no one can hear you scream? This one’s for you: a $125,000 three-bedroom for sale on the 3516 Interstate Highway near Baird, Texas, is an “established and running haunted house”.

The spooky home went viral last week after Steven Dennis, a Bloomberg reporter who often chronicles the ups and downs of Zillow on Twitter, posted photos from the listing.

There’s not much to see upon first glance: it’s a white, ranch-style cinderblock home with a big front yard. But head inside (if you dare), and you’ll find doorways shaped like coffins, skeletons hanging from the ceiling, and creepy portraits of 19th-century families on the walls. The living room doubles as a funeral home, with an open casket, wreaths of dead flowers, and a few more skeletons for the ambience.

Caskets feature prominently in the home’s décor. Photograph: Zillow
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