Real Estate

RECO, TRREB, OREA, CREA: What do these real estate bodies do?

The real estate sector can be a bit of a mystery to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. It doesn’t help that there are at least four different organizations, all commonly referred to by their acronyms, which you may encounter when researching the housing market.

RECO, TRREB, OREA and CREA all play important roles in real estate, but what exactly do they do?

I represent the Real Estate Council of Ontario. RECO is a consumer-protection organization established by the Ontario government in 1997. We regulate real estate salespeople, brokers and brokerages on the government’s behalf and enforce Ontario’s real estate laws. Anyone who wishes to trade legally in real estate in Ontario must be registered with RECO.

Our goal is to promote a fair, safe and informed marketplace, and we protect consumers in a few ways. First, we are a source of helpful, authoritative information about the buying

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