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Real Estate Mogul Is Selling His Prized Superyacht: It's a Downright Floating Kingdom

Do you know that meme with “I won’t tell anyone that I won the lottery, but there will be signs?” Well, what if the opposite is true? What if signs that everything isn’t okay start with millionaires selling off their toys?

Folks, the machine we have before us is nothing more than the floating aquatic paradise of none other than John Miller, a gentleman at the center of a real estate investment empire from Utah, Dakota Pacific. Well, he’s selling his beloved superyacht, the one and the same named after his beloved wife. Are things really that bad in the housing market? A question for another day. After all, when one industry begins to lose money, another is scooping it all up.

Now, Victoria Del Mar (VDM), as it’s been dubbed, is going for a whopping $24,750,000 (€23,200 at current exchange rates), reduced from nearly $28 million, and while that’s

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