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These Are the 5 Things That Make Your Home Hard To Sell

If you’re planning to sell your home, you’re more than likely concerned about how long it will take. In August, homes were on the market for an average of 46 days before they sold, according to data. That’s a time period that’s five days longer than a year ago but an average of 13 fewer days than what was common before the COVID-19 pandemic.

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While the possibility of having your home under contract within roughly a month-and-a-half may seem encouraging, it’s important to note that not all homes sell so quickly. Unfortunately, some may linger on the market due to easily avoidable mistakes made by sellers.

To help, here are five things that make your home hard to

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Buy The REIT - Sell The Real Estate


Cognitive dissonance has hit the real estate market as people simultaneously love real estate and hate REITs. Physical real estate properties are presently selling for all-time highs while the REITs that own them are selling at fear mongering, recession level multiples. We discussed the cheapness of share prices more thoroughly here, but today I want to discuss the expensiveness of the physical real estate.

When these two facts are put together it creates a rather odd opportunity in which one can buy a REIT at 70 cents on the dollar and then sell its assets at full price.

Allow me to begin by taking a look at a variety of actual real estate transactions.

Real world transactions

The office market has been written off as dead, but big money has come in and paid quite a price tag in the recent SL Green (SLG) Office sale.

“New York City’s

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Billionaire Elon Musk Says 'Sell Real Estate'

Win McNamee

In a recent article, entitled “Billionaire Investors Buying REITs With Both Hands,” I explained that self-made billionaires Steve Schwartzman and Jon Gray were loading up on real estate investment trusts, or REITs (VNQBXthey announced

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