Amherstburg condo residents say neighbouring hotel development poses safety concerns

Amherstburg condo residents say neighbouring hotel development poses safety concerns

People living in an Amherstburg condo are opposing the development of a neighbouring hotel, citing safety concerns.

The development would see the existing building on 256 Dalhousie Street torn down to make way for a multi-level boutique hotel.

On Tuesday, the property owners are expected to appeal to Amherstburg town council for a “set back” exemption which will allow for a brick wall to be built to the edge of the curb.

According to Don Parks, who owns a unit in neighbouring Salmoni Place Condominiums, that wall risks blocking residents’ view of oncoming traffic.

“Additionally, any car exiting the Salmoni building which will be 20 feet away from this wall, there’s no way until they get onto the road that they can see a car coming or the car will see them coming,” said Parks.

Area where a brick wall would be built, extending toward the curb. Neighbours are concerned

The Importance of Asset Safety

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