Condo renovations: Board penalized over owner’s requests

Condo renovations: Board penalized over owner’s requests

A Superior Court ruling in November cost a Mississauga condominium corporation more than $50,000, plus its own legal bills, for failing to act reasonably in considering an owner’s renovation requests.

Stephen Moran owns a condominium unit in a 341-unit building on Hillcrest Ave. Its governing declaration says that no owner can make any structural change or alteration to a unit without the prior written consent of the board of directors.

In November, 2021, Moran applied to the board for permission to carry out renovations in the unit. He proposed to install new tile in the kitchen and washrooms, replace the kitchen counter and cabinets, and supply new bathroom vanities.

The board approved the work only if it started on Dec. 6 and would be completed within four days. The service elevator could only be used twice for a maximum of 20 minutes to bring in and remove materials and equipment.

Renovations And Financing Them

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