BC Hydro heat pump rebate not eligible for condos, frustrated owner finds

Kathleen Harold lives in a condo and says the summers in B.C. can be unbearable. “I face east, south, and west and the heat can get just dreadful here, absolutely dreadful,” said Harold.

Harold says it’s one of the main reasons she invested in a heat pump which can also be used to cool a home.

The Mission resident says after seeing and hearing countless BC Hydro ads promoting rebates around the purchase of a heat pump, she decided to buy one assuming she would get some money back.

“I presumed I would get a few thousand dollars back. I really did,” Harold told Consumer Matters.

However, when it comes to heat pumps and rebates, condos along with high-rises and apartment buildings are ineligible for rebates.

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“It shocked me when I saw that condos don’t get a rebate,” Harold said.

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