Real Estate

How to Find Overlooked Markets With Upside

  • Part-time real estate investor Julia Lemberskiy invests in what she calls ‘undervalued areas.’
  • Picking the right markets has helped her build a lucrative short-term rental business.
  • When looking for markets with potential, she first asks: ‘Can I see myself here?’

When it comes to investing in real estate, there’s no cookie-cutter strategy that guarantees success.

Insider has spoken to successful investors who prefer to buy older homes and others who only buy brand-new builds. Some only invest in their backyard so they can self-manage their properties, while others go out-of-state.

30-year-old real estate investor Julia Lemberskiy, who works at a start-up full-time and manages five Airbnb properties on the side, has her own unique strategy for finding good deals. 

When she first decided to buy property, she figured she’d own where she lived: in New York City. But a couple of Zillow searches and sticker shock “​​ruined my appetite for

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