Real Estate

Priced out of your neighbourhood? This real estate CEO says look south

Nothing is certain in Canada except death, taxes, and endlessly rising real estate prices.

The story is as well-worn as a 20-year-old doormat with even wealthy Canadians struggling to break into the housing markets in cities like Toronto or Vancouver thanks to dwindling supply and sky-high demand. So, real estate investment company SHARE is encouraging Canadians to look elsewhere for deals — south of the border, to be exact.

“The average price point of a Canadian home is north of $750,000 U.S.,” says Andrew Kim, SHARE’s founder. “Right now, in the U.S., it’s sub-$400,000 U.S.”

To Kim, the U.S. housing market is a surprisingly good opportunity for Canadian investors to generate income from real estate — either to pay for a permanent place in Canada, or to supplement their portfolio. SHARE’s premise is that owning real estate should be as straightforward as having a stock portfolio, and the company promises

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