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After mistaken invite to 2023 Masters, Atlanta real estate agent fulfills golf dream

What’s in a name? If yours is Scott Stallings, it might include tickets to attend the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Scott Stallings is a real estate professional who lives in Chamblee, Georgia. He enjoys golf (and has been trying to get tickets to the Masters for years) but is by no means a PGA champion.

Scott Stallings is also the name of a 38-year-old professional golfer from Worcester, Massachusetts. He’s one of the top 100 golfers in the world, has won three PGA Tour events and is competing at the Masters this weekend.

Real estate professional Scott Stallings, right, shakes hands with golf professional Scott Stallings, at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., April 4, 2023.


“It was probably about five or six years ago when I actually saw him on TV and realized, you know, wow, there’s another guy that has my name, you know, playing golf,”

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