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Arrived, Lofty AI, Landa: Is fractional real estate a good investment?

Joshua Heier isn’t your typical homebuyer. Recently, rather than purchasing an entire property by himself, he has started buying fractions of single-family homes around the country, many of them in Sun Belt states.

“I think it’s kind of a stepping stone toward actually buying and owning a full rental property,” says Heier, a 30-year-old investor in California who is using Arrived Homes, one of a spate of new “fractional” real estate investment platforms. It allows him a peek at the ins and outs of what it might cost to be a landlord, or how long it takes to find a tenant in a certain neighborhood. And, he says, “It doesn’t require a $50,000 down payment.”

Heier has invested a pretty modest $2,900 through Arrived, and he says the company currently values his portfolio at around $3,300. The basic pitch of fractional real estate platforms is that in just a few

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