Clean Condo Life: EV Charging Is A Process & An Inevitability

In my ongoing clean condo life series on nudging my 19-story, 233-suite, 330–parking stall condo building in a densely populated part of downtown Vancouver toward adaptation and mitigation in the era of climate change, it’s time to talk EV charging, in large part because our building reached a milestone today.

Tesla Model Y charging in condo EV charging picture by author

Tesla Model Y charging in condo. Picture by Mike Barnard.

Yes, that’s a Tesla Model Y charging in the parkade in my building. Sharp eyes will note the EV and bike charging signs on the walls.

Let’s take a step back in clean condo life. I’m a climate solutions nerd. I spend much of my time assessing the biggest global warming forcers; assessing the solutions to them against the filter of thermodynamics, economics, and human nature; and then projecting what I think are realistic pathways to decarbonization decades into the future. I make my living these days helping big investment

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