Why a couple saving for a home in Chicago bought one in Italy instead

Why a couple saving for a home in Chicago bought one in Italy instead

Kristina Knighten and her husband, Paul Cordier, were living in the United Arab Emirates and working as TEFL-certified teachers when they decided they were serious about buying their first home in America.

Knighten, 38, was raised in the Chicago suburbs, and Cordier, 45, was raised in London but loved the idea of living in the Windy City after having visited with Knighten over the course of their relationship and two-year marriage.

“We knew we didn’t necessarily want to move back straight away but more as a long-term investment and we could maybe retire there,” Knighten tells CNBC Make It.

The couple lived in the UAE and had just under $40,000 saved.

Knighten and Cordier worked with a real estate agent in the U.S. to scout properties they saw online and started looking for mortgage lenders, too.

Their budget was between $260,000 and $270,000 for a multi-family home in the North

Chicago Voters Reject Real Estate Tax Change to Fund Homeless Programs

Chicago Voters Reject Real Estate Tax Change to Fund Homeless Programs

Chicago voters rejected an increase to the city’s transfer tax on high-value properties in a Tuesday referendum, The Associated Press said, leaving unfulfilled a longtime goal of Mayor Brandon Johnson and progressive Democrats who wanted to use new revenue to address homelessness in the country’s third-largest city.

The result came after days of counting ballots, including mail-in votes, that were not able to be reported on Election Day.

Real estate groups had warned that the new rates would have been a potentially catastrophic blow to the downtown office market, which was already losing value and struggling with vacancies.

The vote came at an uncertain political moment in Chicago, a Democrat-dominated city where homelessness has become more visible since the pandemic and an influx of migrants has strained resources. And the result raised questions about the strength of the city’s progressive movement, led by Mr. Johnson, which has become the dominant

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How Chicago area home values compare by ZIP code

But while a rising tide might lift all ships, you can also be more proactive in boosting the value of your home at a faster pace than the average, which helps if you want to sell your home or refinance your mortgage. While the impact of renovations and improvements on home value is undeniable, it is important to remember that they do not function independently from other factors affecting property valuation. The effectiveness of these modifications depends largely on prevailing real estate trends and buyer preferences which may vary according to different regions and time periods. In addition, other elements such as nearby amenities and school district rankings often play an integral role in determining a property’s worth. These seemingly peripheral factors may greatly influence potential buyers’ decisions, thus impacting both demand for the property and its eventual selling price.

  • From Rating Valuations and previous sales of the property, to

four Types of Chicago Lofts

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