This Vancouver couple wants to have a baby. But their condo building may soon have a 55+ age limit

Kalina Malowany and her husband were thrilled to think they could finally have a baby in the condo they have lived in for the last five years.

The building they bought into, located in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood, previously required that all residents be 19 years or older, meaning kids were out of the question. 

Then, last fall, the provincial government made amendments to the Strata Property Act, prohibiting strata corporations from imposing age-restriction bylaws except for a 55-plus restriction, which is not the case in the couple’s building.

But it soon could be.

After some excitement about possibly expanding their family, Malowany, 33 and her husband Artem Bylinskii, 32, found out building residents will be voting on April 20 to impose a bylaw requiring at least one resident of each unit be 55 or older.

Under the Strata Act, 55-and-over age restrictions are allowed, and hundreds of stratas in

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