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How renting impacts retirement, and March home prices on the rise: Canadian real estate news for April 22

Home of the Week: 33 Lombard St., No. 4304, Toronto.Michael Peart Photography

Here are The Globe and Mail’s top housing and real estate stories this week, with the lowest mortgage rates available in Canada today, commentary from our mortgage expert and one home worth a look.

Does owning a home give you a retirement advantage over lifetime renters?

If you’re a millennial or member of Gen Z, the biggest financial non-event of the decade is the housing market correction. In his weekly column, Rob Carrick writes about what happens when young adults in this country cannot afford to buy and own homes.

In an expensive housing market, both owners and renters are going to have a hard time saving for retirement. Owners do have a retirement saving advantage in being able to access their equity by downsizing to a cheaper home, but many owners don’t want to. And while

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