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How will AI affect real estate?

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology in real estate could have the power to bring homebuyers closer to the physical and emotional process of purchasing a home, according to those who spoke to Glacier Media. 

The impact of AI tools and resources on the real estate industry feels similar to the introduction of the internet, said Michael Thorne, a Langley-based real estate agent. 

“The internet had a huge impact on the real estate industry, but it was a social change. It was a cultural change that we saw, it wasn’t specific to the real estate industry and I think AI is going to be that way as well,” he said. 

“But when technology gets to be so good that it makes it harder to discern the difference between something that’s real and tangible, and when something that’s presented to be something that it might not be, it will

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Katy Real Property And The Affect Of Hurricane Ike

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For these not likely acquainted with the definition of, industrial design would be …

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