27 New Launch Dual Key Condos To "Avoid" ABSD In 2023

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Whether it’s for extended families or rentals, dual key units are one way to split your property and avoid the Additional Buyers Stamp Duty (ABSD). There is, however, a wide range of dual-key layouts; and not all are equal. Some are better for own-stay use, others for taking on tenants – and as most seasoned investors can tell you, a higher price per square foot is a common issue. Here’s what to consider when picking your unit:

A quick run-down of dual-key units

Dual key units are individual properties, which have been subdivided into two. Both halves of the property can be inhabited, with residents having little to no direct contact. In this sense, a dual-key unit is a bit like a condo version of a semi-detached house. 

Dual key units are commonly pitched as a way to avoid ABSD. This is not literal: you would still

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