Stamped concrete in Baton Rouge is a great alternative to costly brick, stone, pavers, and other such materials. A contractor can stamp and stain concrete to mimic these materials, for far less cost. However, stamped and stained concrete does have some drawbacks. In turn, homeowners might wonder if the material is outdated or still a great option for their property.

A professional installer is the best source of information when it comes to your stamped concrete options. He or she can explain its pros and cons in detail! In the meantime, note some vital information about stamped, decorative concrete. You can then make the best decision for your home’s outdoor space! Whether you need a spaced up patio or stamped concrete around the pool.

What is stamped concrete in Baton Rouge?

First, it’s helpful to understand the process of installing decorative concrete. Second, you might consider why so many homeowners choose this material for their property!

Stamped concrete for Baton Rouge homes starts with a standard concrete installation. Your contractor marks off the area, prepares the soil as needed, and might put down an aggregate layer. Then, he or she pours fresh concrete as they would for any driveway or outdoor surface.

Next, the contractor presses a specialty mold over that concrete surface. This mold creates the shape of bricks, pavers, stones, or even wood boards! Then, the installer adds stain, paint, or other coloring, to complete the look. Lastly, he or she will usually seal the material, to keep it durable and protect colors from fading.

There are many advantages to choosing stamped and stained concrete for your property. One is that a contractor can pour concrete around landscaping, into rounded shapes, and so on. Two, concrete is durable and lasts for decades before it needs replacing. It’s especially more durable than wood, which tends to warp, chips, crack, and buckle before too long!

Also, note that brick, stone, and other materials are often somewhat pricey. Moreover, individual bricks or pavers might loosen or dislodge easily. It’s also easier for weeds to grow around individual pavers than for them to grow through concrete slab expansion joints.

On the other hand, concrete installation is affordable and far cheaper than high-end options. Concrete is also relatively low-maintenance and offers better traction than slick pavers. Lastly, the staining process allows for great control of the final color.

Disadvantages of stamped concrete

Decorative concrete offers many advantages over other materials, but this choice isn’t for everyone. One disadvantage to stamped concrete is that cracks might show more easily through the stain color. Two, its color can fade over time, even with consistent sealing.

Also, note that some homeowners might prefer genuine materials rather than stamped concrete. Additionally, it’s often easier to replace one broken brick, paver, or stone piece than it is to replace a broken concrete slab! On the other hand, many homeowners find that decorative concrete advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.

Does stamped concrete add value?

A real estate agent or property appraiser can note if any modifications might add value to your home. He or she will typically check how those changes fit in with neighboring properties and affect your home’s look and function.

However, note that installing a usable outdoor space almost always adds value to a home. This includes a deck, porch, or patio. Of these options, a stamped concrete patio might be the most affordable! Also, replacing damaged pavers or other materials with updated, safe concrete is likely to increase property values. A stamped driveway can enhance curb appeal, which also might increase your home’s value overall.

Moreover, consider how much you might value your home with an updated outdoor space, no matter the dollar amount! A new patio can offer a spot for relaxing and entertaining. Also, with many people working from home in recent years, an outdoor space can allow for some separation and privacy when needed.

Above all, consider if you enjoy your property’s current appearance. If not, it’s time for an update! You should be proud to pull into that driveway or walk around the backyard. Stamped and stained concrete enhances those areas and your property overall. In turn, you can enjoy your home more readily no matter the potential for increased values.

What is better than Baton Rouge stamped concrete?

Whether or not stamped and stained concrete is right for your Baton Rouge, LA, home is up to you to decide! If you’re still not sure about this choice for your property, consider some advantages of other materials. You can then compare these and choose the best option for your outdoor space.

  • Clay pavers offer a classic, timeless look that works well with Mediterranean style homes. Classic clay is also water-resistant, making this material an excellent choice for pool decks.
  •  Heavy brick pavers are durable underfoot and offer a classic look many homeowners love. Brick is also easy to recycle, for an eco-friendly choice.
  •  Stone pavers also provide a stunning aesthetic. Additionally, since no two stones are alike, you can avoid a monotonous look when you choose stone pavers.
  • Wood decking provides a cool surface underfoot, making it a great choice for hotter climates. Homeowners can also install a wood deck themselves, especially if you work with a kit. An elevated wood deck also provides added comfort for when the ground is wet from morning dew or a recent rain!
  •  Gravel is a very cost-effective choice for outdoor spaces. It’s also easy to install and replace. Moreover, you might find gravel in a wide variety of colors and shapes, allowing you to coordinate the material with other surfaces and materials on your property.

When deciding on any of these materials, remember to consider long-term costs and maintenance. For instance, gravel is cheap to install but needs consistent replacement. Wood is also not known for its durability! Decking often needs consistent patching, sealing, sanding, and repainting to keep it looking its best.

Lastly, consider your property’s appearance overall. Wood decking might not coordinate well with a modern home style, while upscale stone might seem out of place outside a small, cottage style house. If you do choose stamped concrete, you’ll also want to opt for a mold and color choice that complement your home’s style overall.