Could this condo be more awesome? Friends-themed apartment in Victoria for sale

Oh. My. God. 

One of New York City’s most famous apartments is for sale in B.C.’s capital.

The condo is styled to resemble that of the purple apartment in the 90s phenomenon Friends, a setting that’s remained iconic and recognizable even decades after the series aired. 

Though not the same layout as Monica Geller’s apartment, the home certainly gives off similar vibes: the French poster is there, as are the teal cabinets, black and white bathroom tiles, and a replica of Phoebe Buffay’s work of art, Gladys. 

Can you spot all the references to Phoebe Buffay, a.ka. Regina Phalange, a.ka. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock? (Adam van der Zwan/CBC)

The staircase is tight, so if you’re moving a couch upstairs, you may be forced to pivot.

A loft above the main living area features some of the items from Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing’s apartment, including Hugsy, Joey’s bedtime penguin pal. 

It’s centrally located in Victoria’s downtown, close to several coffee shops — a perk for any Friends fan. 

What’s not to like? Purple walls: good. Magna Doodle: good. Photos from the series all over the place: good. 

A bed with a penguin on it
Not a bad spot for a nap. (Adam van der Zwan/CBC)

While originally listed at $650,000, the price is now down to $625,000. Realtor Jayden Vo says the change was to reflect current market trends. 

“We were hoping that an investor buyer who shares the interest in the TV show would appreciate all the detail and would come in and be willing to pay a little bit more,” he said.

The 550-square-foot property has been listed as an Airbnb since 2022, giving visitors to the area the option to stay there for a day, a week, a month or even a year.

A bathroom with purple walls and black and white tile floors to look like Monica's apartment in Friends
The condo’s owner has worked to make little details, like tile flooring, as close to the series as possible. (Adam van der Zwan/CBC)

And people love it. 

The spot has 4.97 stars out of 5, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

“You may not actually get out to explore Victoria because you’ll be having too much fun here,” one reviewer wrote. 

“The place was a Friends dream, loads of fun and placed in a safe neighborhood with lots to do nearby. The apartment was also nice and clean, it was nice to see all the references from Friends in the apartment,” wrote another. 

Vo said whoever buys the condo has the option to continue running it as an Airbnb.

A kitchen with brick walls and teal cabinets, resembling the one in the hit series Friends.
The condo is zoned as an AirBnB, and has operated as one for several months. (Adam van der Zwan/CBC)

Friends legacy

While the show premiered in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons, ending nearly 20 years ago, it’s made a lasting impression with viewers; the apartments and coffee shops have been recreated several times over and merchandising for the show continues, with everything from replicas of set decorations to Lego sets and characters from the show. 

A Friends reunion was released in 2021, after the cast was on a break. 

the friends cast
Friends aired on NBC from 1994 until 2004, and starred David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc. (Getty Images)

It’s part of a trend around nostalgia, as millennials seek objects and media from their youth. Movies about Barbie and Mario Bros., remakes of The Little Mermaid and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and a new Power Rangers series are all set to release this year. 

In 2019, Bob Thompson, director of the Bleier Centre for Television & Popular Culture at Syracuse University, told CBC that nostalgia has always been a big part of the human experience.

“I am sure there were people in caves, thinking back of the glorious days before we invented fire,” he said.