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Grant Cardone Unveils Real Estate Alchemy: Turning Fear Into Fortune

Real estate mogul Grant Cardone believes successful people use fear as motivation.

“When you push past your comfort zone you are forcing your brain to create new pathways,” Cardone wrote in a LinkedIn post in August. “When you start taking new actions at new levels, you will experience fear. Nothing about that is comfortable.”

Fear and greed are the two emotions believed to drive markets, whether it’s stocks, housing or commercial real estate, and a recent survey by John Burns Research & Consulting captures the sentiment of industry insiders in the multifamily, industrial retail and office sectors.

The Fear and Greed Survey, a collaboration between Burns and CRE Daily, found that commercial real estate investors are still more greedy than fearful, although many have hit pause.

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The survey found that 28% of commercial real estate investors are increasing their exposure now while 23% are decreasing it. Nearly half

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‘Increased distress sales’ in real estate are noteworthy

The Globe and Mail’s market strategist offers eight thoughts on the research, analysis and ephemera that’s crossed his desk this week.

1. Scotiabank strategist Hugo Ste-Marie highlighted the release of the U.S. leading economic indicator index this week which, at minus-7.6 per cent year-over-year, is consistent with economic contraction and recession. The coincident leading indicator, however, is up 1.3 per cent year-over-year, and needs to decline in order to reaffirm the leading indicator signal.

2. BofA Securities analyst Ebrahim Poonawala wrote an update on Canadian bank stocks after describing them a “dicey proposition” in his 2024 report on the sector. He noted that almost half a trillion dollars in mortgages are scheduled to renew at much higher rates in 2024 and 2025, a blow to consumer financial health. The analyst expects “noisy” earnings reports from the banks as restructuring charges blur operating profit growth. Every 10 basis-point rise in provisions

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Value of Donald Trump's Properties Broken Down by Real Estate Developer

A well-known Wisconsin real estate developer said that the value of Donald Trump’s properties would have naturally increased after he became president in 2016, agreeing with the embattled former leader’s line of defense in his New York fraud trial.

New York Attorney General Letitia James last year brought a $250 million lawsuit against Trump, his two eldest sons and his organization, accusing them of knowingly participating in a scheme to inflate the value of the former president’s assets. Trump and his two eldest sons have denied all of the accusations, with the former president claiming the trial is part of a politically motivated campaign against him.

Terrence Wall, a real estate developer who founded T. Wall Enterprises, wrote in a piece for newspaper Wisconsin Right Now that “the Trump brand” would have added at least “20 percent or more” in value to the former president’s properties.

Donald Trump during his
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Real estate: Are 'cash for home' offers a scam?

Amid Canada’s crushing housing supply shortage, some homeowners may have noticed a rise in flyers offering to pay cash upfront for property. One real estate broker explains that although these mysterious notes are legal, it’s usually a strategy from investors looking to make a quick profit.

“They’re trying to get a little bit of value,” John Pasalis, the president of Realosophy Realty in Toronto, told Your Morning’s Anne-Marie Mediwake on Thursday. “They’re investors… preying on people who don’t know the value of the home.”

Pasalis warns that these investors will “lock the seller into a contract,” however they’ll never end up buying the home – they get value by then finding a buyer who will pay market value.

“They’re making money off of the difference between what they pay for it… versus what someone’s willing to buy.”


The practice is legal

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Brian Buffini's Bold Predictions: 2024 Real Estate Market Outlook to Share Insights and Proprietary Strategies for Thriving in Evolving Market

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Renowned for his accurate market predictions for nearly three decades, Brian Buffini, the chairman and founder of Buffini & Company, will share insights about the state of the real estate market and what agents need to do to succeed in 2024

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Brian Buffini, the chairman and founder of Buffini & Company, will reveal what the future holds for the housing market — and what real estate agents and business owners need to do to succeed — with his Bold Predictions 2024: Real Estate Market Outlook broadcast. The free broadcast

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